Фото: полуголая российская модель призналась в любви Дарту Вейдеру на Татуине
Девушка опубликовала фото в социальной сети Instagram.

01:08, 24 июля 2017

Российская модель Хельга Лавкейти рассказала о своем любимом персонаже фантастической саги "Звездные войны". По ее словам, наибольшие симпатии у нее вызывает образ Дарта Вейдера.


A lot of my followers asked me which of the #StarWars characters is my favorite. I think this is #DarthVader. I watched the film a hundred times and a hundred times convinced that young #AnakinSkywalker was guided only by good intentions in their actions. The chain of circumstances simply pushed Anakin to the #DarkSide, although in his heart he remained devoted to his ideals. First of all, this is too bureaucratized teacher #ObiWanKenobi, who absolutely didn't make any corrections to the uniqueness of the situation of the young #Skywalker. Secondly, the problems and double standards of the #JediOrder, which actually led Anakin's lost of his mother and family. And of course, the final point was the battle of #MaceWindu vs #Palpatin, where Anakin saw no differences between #jedi and #sith. The situation is very similar to real life, in which any following extreme points, whether the #lightside or the dark side does not bring anything good. Not stupid ceremonies but the force is realy important.That's why I always respect Darth Vader and #QuiGon. I look forward to the development of the history of #GrayJedi. Who is your favorit character? May the force be with you #helga #helgamodel #episodeVIII #starwarsfan #starwarsday #starwarsart #maytheforcebewithyou #theforceawakens #stormtrooper #r2d2 #LukeSkywalker 

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Девушка опубликовала на своей странице Instagram фотографию, сделанную в Татавине. Этот тунисский город послужил прообразом поселения на планете Татуин из фильмов.

Подписчики незамедлительно отреагировали на заявление модели, которая вышла на прогулку в купальнике и с шлемом любимого злодея - всего за 7 часов снимок получил около 50 тысяч "лайков".